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Porexil - Clean

4-channel modified cross-section polyester with Anti-Bacteria

Quick absorption & Evaporation , Breathable & Comfortable, Permanent anti-bacteria

Excellent anti-bacterial function of Porexil-clean comes from the silver element it contains.
The silver used in, remains after washing enhancing the anti-bacterial longevity of the fiber.

Sports wear, Leisure wear (Prevention of mold and bad smell with sweat)
Medical wear Hospital uniform, Patient uniform, Home textile, Pillow, etc.
Inner wear
Baby & Women's item

Porexil-clean 20’s ~ 40’s (100%)
Porexil-clean / Nylon6.6 20’s ~ 50’s (50/50)
Porexil-clean / Blended other fibers

Test Data (FITI)
Porexil-Clean 20’s 100% Single Jersey (FITI)
  Test method Decreasing rate of bacteria
Staphylococcus aureus KSK 0693 99.9%
pneumonia 99.9%