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Porexil - Standard

Porexil is an air-jet spun yarn. Fiber is turning in air-jet, it twisted automatically without mechanical force.
- So it has anti-pilling, less hairiness and clean surface.
Moisture absorption and quick dry better than ring spun yarn because of capillary phenomenon in the structure.
Dry and comfortable touch, excellent drape.

Sports wear, Casual wear
Home textile, Leisure wear
Application for all clothes

Porexil-std. 20’s ~ 40’s (100%)
Porexil-std./ Viscose 20’s ~ 40’s (65/35)
Porexil-std./ Modal or Tencel 20’s ~ 40’s (70/30)
Porexil-std./ blended other fibers
Test Data (FITI)
Porexil - S 20’s ~ 40’s (100%)
  Test method Data
Pilling ASTM D 3512 30min: 4 grade
60min: 4 grade