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Thermo-regulating new material developed and used by NASA.
Outlast, which was developed by NASA for protection from changes in external temperature that cannot be predicted by an astronaut upon space exploration, is being used for a space suit. The effectiveness has already been proven, such that it is being used experimentally for special suits of the U.S. Army as hi-tech material.

Balances temperature, Adaptive Comfort, Reduces overheating, Minimizes sweating, Reduces chill,
-Keeps comfortable all day and all night
Having a better night's sleep
In a meeting, balance your temperature and keep you cool and comfortable
When you descend from mountain, feel comfortable as you ride a lift
Less tiredness when you play golf in field

PCM (Phase Change Material)
-PCM in 2 ~ 5 Micron as paraffin wax
Theory of PCM

viscose rayon 주요사용처
Active Sports Wear, Casual Out Wear, Inner Wear, Bedding, Shoes, Socks

-- Keeps comfort all day long.
-- Reduces overheat, sweat or cold.
-- Maintains balance of temperature changes.
-- Helpful for sound sleep.
-- Reduces overheat and sweat upon sleep.
-- Minimizes a blister.
-- Reduces overheat and sweat.
-- Keeps the foot dry and comfort.

viscose rayon 생산품목
Products Compose Rate(%) Ring Ecosil
Modal/Outlast 70:30 · Nec 16' ~ 50'
Micro Modal/Outlast 70:30 · Nec 16' ~ 50'
Tencel/Outlast 70:30 · Nec 16' ~ 50'

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