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Lenzing FR is a natural fiber derived from wood pulp. It offers protection from all kinds of heat and flame
as a Heat Protection Fiber and helps prevent heat stress and heat stroke.
Unlike the existing flame resistant protective fiber with anti-hydrophile property, it has hydrophile property and makes improvement comport wear caused by excellent moisture absorption, breathability and
protection from electric arcs.
Lenzing FR has high efficiency on saving cost as well as functional property as the heat protection clothing in blending with other fibers.
The blending of FR and Aramid makes the best in the protection clothing industry with the outstading body protection and high functional property.
permanent printing resistance
good heat defense
low heat-shrinking in flame
comfortable wear
best moisture control and ventilation
reducing heat stress and fatigue
No stimulus to the skin
arc discharge resistance
not melting in heat and flame
easy dyeing - vivid color
preventing natural static electricity
sunfast & sunblock
easy to process in the existing facilities
blendign with others like aramid and wool
nontoxic cracking gas
chemical safety

lenzing fr 주요사용처
baby clothes and the aged clothes delicate to ultraviolet and heat, gloves for oven, protective clothes and fireproof uniform exposed to direct heat
lenzing fr 주요사용처

lenzing fr 생산품목
Products Compose rate(%) Ring Ecosil
Lenzing FR 100 · Nec 20' ~ 40'
FR/Aramid 70 : 30 · Nec 20' ~ 40'

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