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Expofil rediscovering a more serene ambiance
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Expofil rediscovering a more serene ambiance
January 11, 2011 (France)

The upcoming edition of Expofil, which will be held the 8, 9 and 10 February at the Parc d'Expositions
de Paris-Nord Villepinte, will take place under a keynote of stability. After a turbulent period that
seriously perturbed the textile sector upstream, the show, dedicated to spinners and fibre producers,
is rediscovering a more serene ambiance.

The number of exhibitors testifies to this situation. With 33 spinners and fibre producers from 16
countries currently enrolled, the show is highly stable in terms of February 2010. Alongside a loyal
core of exhibitors, Expofil welcomes this session three newcomers who are leaders in their
respective domains, and who will strengthen an offer that continues to be resolutely international and

EGYPTIAN SPINNING AND WEAVING COMPANY (Egypt): producer of fine quality yarns from Ne 40-160
with Egyptian cotton and Lenzing Modal fibers. Ring/compact spinner for single and plied yarns,
gassed and/or mercerized for weaving and knitting.

REGAL by LUGANGWOOL GROUP (China): one of the 10 leading Chinese spinners, integrated from
combing to dyeing and a major specialist in flat-bed knitting. It is presenting a range of very high
quality yarns, both worsted and woollen, principally in pure or blended wool, starring a very beautiful
100% cashmere. The company counts internationally renowned brands among its clients.

SAMIL SPINNING (South Korea): yarns in 100% Modal, Tencel, rayon and blends with cotton, wool,
silk, and polyester, produced on ring and MVS spinning systems. Blended yarns made of Modal, rayon
and polyester fibres, solution-dyed. Slubbed yarns produced on a classic system (Modal, Tencel,
Fire-resistant yarns for industrial use.

Expofil's development directions for autumn winter 2012-13 feature a theme of "unfolding", to
the volume of fabrics, to give free rein to the body's own movements. Yarns and fibres unfurl all their
assets to create fabrics with a generous fullness, with volumes to articulate, sculpt or unfold. Hollow,
bulky, slubbed, brushed or stretch yarns augment the volumes and textures of fabrics, allowing them
to unfold, shrink, crinkle or fold in total freedom. On the basis of this theme, special developments will
be designed and produced as illustrations by exhibitors, inviting visitors to create innovative products.

The forum display by Olivier Sidet also plays on this notion of "unfurling". The light-wood assembled
planes are articulated, multiplied, and rise up towards the ceiling of the show. One part of these
elements features a selection of products by spinners and fibre producers presented in individual

Another part is dedicated to specific developments, made from their yarns, inspired by the season's
major theme. The Expofil Fashion Team, co-ordinated by François-Xavier Hérody, called on three
partners: Célimène (circular knits), Sycéan-e (rectilinear knits), and Decostar (dyer), who once again
will use their know-how and creativity to bring out the qualities of the yarns and fibres presented at
the show.

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